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Our first yarn festival.

Let me be honest, yesterday was a bit of a dream come true. Although a lover of yarn all my life, until recently I hadn't realised that yarn appreciation was a 'thing'. That there were events where people gathered to appreciate yarn together. To look at it, touch it, smell it , to rub it against one's cheek... Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016 was my first big immersion in this phenomenon. Until then it had been a private yearning, not fully understood even by myself. Many of you will be surprised at my naivety. How long this has taken . But since I found my tribe, once I realised there were many others happy to discuss yarn, its construction, the fibres of which it consists, its ply and twist, its colour its smell, its texture, this passion became an obsession. An enormous smorgasbord for the senses. Since then my tastes have crystallised around 'woolly' wools. 100% local wool, lots of texture, natural imperfections and variations. Creating fabrics which speak of the land from whence they come.  Now perhaps you can appreciate how fulfilling it was for my daughter and myself yesterday at St. Abb's Wool Festival? To be on the other side of the stand , looking out at the knitters, crocheters, spinners and crafters. And to watch them explore OUR yarn. Almost to a woman, the first response was,'Blackface?...oh, but it's so soft !'. Then a conversation would ensue, with knowledgeable , discerning crafters, keen to understand this gap between expectation and what their sense were telling them. Thank you to everyone who came to the Lifelong Yarns stand yesterday. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Thank you for backing our hunch with your purchases.  Thank you for contributing to the renaissance of the British wool clip. Until the next time !

Pauline McPhersonComment