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Readers of this blog might remember the post from Margaret Russell of Antrim HandWeaving in Massachusetts. She is halfway through the awe-inspiring project to weave a wrap from the fleece of each of the native sheep breeds of the Uk and of the sheep on the US and UK lists of rare breeds. After searching for many years she was delighted to find 100% Scottish Blackface yarn at Lifelong Yarns.

I am a knitter and a spinner. I am not a weaver. After hearing of the intricate and pain-staking work Margaret is putting into to threading her loom, I am not sure I am tempted to start! I am more than happy to leave it to her and await the pictures of that finished, cherished Scottish Blackface wrap. In the meantime , we are both admiring the sight of that loom wrapped in fibres from the Scottish Pentlands. She talks of the thoughts that go through her mind as she works with these natural fibres. That is something all of us, knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and dyers can relate to.

I thought you might enjoy this photo from the back of the loom.  My next step will be to sit at the front of the loom and thread each of the 320 ends (pieces) of yarn.  It is truly beautiful wool!  The texture, the color, and the accompanying thoughts as I work with these fibers fulfills this handweaver’s dreams.

I can’t emphasize enough how excited I am to be able to weave with this wool.  I am sitting at my table across from this loom and I cannot stop looking at it!' 

Pauline McPhersonComment