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‘In patience, in slowness, there is hope.’ - Wendell Berry ‘ Quantity versus Form’ 2004

Well, this is the start I suppose. Of the blog, obviously, but of the company too. There will be yarn. It will be experimental. The meeting with the Border Mill confirms that. No company name yet, no products, no website, no customers…but no going back either. These things will come in time, I have faith in that, and there will be much to say about them I am sure. But today, the topic is inspiration.
It’s not what I thought it was. Yes, there was a bit of a lightbulb moment. Sitting in the M&S carpark, ‘I’ll launch my own yarn company !’. That much is as expected. Everything else is different.
You see, I was the world’s list expert. Correctly defined as a ‘completer/finisher’ by one of those personality profilers which companies employ in a futile attempt to get their employees to be nicer to one another, I believed inspiration was 1%, well, inspiration and 99% hard work. And the sooner you got that work done , the better. Get to it !!!
But it’s not been like that. My initial ideas were third class, derivative, forced. It turns out inspiration is something you invite in, not drag in . It is layered, meandering , slow. Where I am now has been arrived at by following hunches, allowing fun, permitting new departures, not fearing dead ends. Like a collection of streams, which have been trickling down a hill, unbeknown to each other, random , without purpose. And yet they grow closer together and as they merge, into the flow, they become a river, the same river. Suddenly strong, with a current, flowing in one direction. Or, for the spinners out there, all my disparate adventures and thoughts and experiences were the tangled fibres held in your hand which, as they are pulled by the draw on to the wheel, metamorphosize into a single, straight ply in the blink of an eye.
My wanderings have led me to a path. And the journey starts today.

[written in March 2017]

Pauline McPherson