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It's difficult, this naming business. So difficult. Keeping- you -awake- until -2.30am -every- night difficult. There is so much I wish to encapsulate in this one word. So many desires, hopes, wishes and thoughts poured into a single word. How can one word be big enough ? So many are tried for size. Thought to be the solution, then tried on family and friends. 'Yeah, that's quite good.'. Quite good is not good enough. Not good enough to be the face of my hope. Not good enough to represent that which is in my heart to the outside world. Eventually, the thinking stops. And then, of course, the word appears. Lifelong. Lifelong Yarns will be my brand. Yarns which will create garments which last. Slow fashion. Lifelong effort and planning in the breeding of our sheep. Lifelong skill in the craft of knitting. Lifelong yarns.

Pauline McPhersonComment