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Overwhelmed !

Overwhelmed - is the only word which describes our experience of vending at EYF2018's 'Meet the Shepherdess' event on March 18th. Firstly, overwhelmed in the physical sense - we and other vendors worried that the snow storm of the previous night might have prevented ticketholders from attending the event. We need not have been concerned. At the stroke of 10am the doors opened and a veritable tsunami of wool-bedecked knitters (many pulling suitcases readied for flights home) flowed through the Corn Exchange. For the next one and a half hours, my daughter Sarah and myself had no time to draw breath as we served the customers, solidly three or four deep, who came to our stall.

Overwhelmed emotionally too, by the support for what we are trying to do. Knitters wanted to support the effort to use a beautiful natural resource , so overlooked in recent decades. They wanted to learn more about the Scottish Blackface, ubiquitous in Scotland, but with Blackfaced, hillbred cousins all around Europe too. Our wool was taken to new homes in Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden , Iceland, the USA - and Glasgow !

We want to thank Jo and Mica of EYF for backing the efforts of ourselves and other local farm to skein producers. Anfd on behalf of our shepherds, we want to thank knowledgeable, ecologically conscious knitters for appreciating and supporting the wonderful natural bounty which is Scottish Blackface fleece.

Demand was such at EYF, that our stock of 2017 fleece and wool was sorely depleted. There are still decent  quantities in our website shop, but Lifelong Yarns has had to withdraw from some shows at which we had intended vending this Spring/Summer.  Not only must we wait for our sheep to be clipped in July, but mill capacity is sorely lacking North of the Border. We want to keep our yarn miles as low as possible , but this means we cannot spin our fleece as frequently as we'd like. We do hope our customers will understand.