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Lifelong Yarns has had a wonderful couple of months. Firstly, we were amazed at the enthusiasm of the reception we received at EYF. Then, we were flattered and grateful for the interest taken, first by the Kammebornia podcast and then the Fibretrek podcast, in the work we are doing to restore the Blackface clip and push back against plastic - derived clothing pollution. We have had support when we needed it from our mill, the Border Mill in Duns. Finally, and most importantly, we have had many new customers spend their hard earned cash in buying our yarn. You have made our little business feel very loved. And we want to share that love a bit... You have enabled us to make a £250 donation to Treesisters. This is a wonderful charity, led by women, empowering women to reforest the dwindling rain forests. With an ambition to plant one billion trees and thus counter man-made climate change, Treesisters has already planted over 2 million trees and made a real difference to the lives of some of the most disenfranchised women on our planet. I have a suspicion our customers will approve. On behalf of them, thank you.