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A new yarn !

It is becoming an annual tradition here at Lifelong HQ , I think - to launch a new 4ply yarn in lovely autumnal colours. Our way of welcoming Autumn and the new knitting season. This year we have created something really special. Yes, I know all yarn is special:)...but this is a real departure for us. We wanted to have a woolen spun yarn, to offer our customers the opportunity to use Blackface fleece in a wider range of garments. There are very few mills offering to spin the yarn of third parties in this way in the UK. Certainly, our main mill, The Border Mill, are specialists in semi-worsted techniques and the majority of our yarns will continue to be spun this way, However, for our newly named Eildon yarn, we turned to the experts at The Natural Fibre Cornwall. This obviously incurs more yarn miles for this line of yarn than our usual 50 mile radius.  We thought long and hard about this. But for our little company to be able to meet the demand from our customers we need to look a little further afield for capacity and expertise. Nonetheless we remain committed to sourcing all our Blackfeece fleece from the Scottish Borders, the historic home of the sheep and to having the bulk of our yarn spun there.

Our Eildon range can first be seen at the Perth Festival of Yarn this weekend. It comes in a range of three colourways, Soft Brown, Raspberry and Ochre.

Eildon (2).jpg
Pauline McPhersonComment