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Garbage in, garbage out...

Today Lifelong Yarns had the privilege to be featured on the Fruity Knitting podcast (Episode 61). On the same episode was an interview with Norah Gaughan - safe to say we were a bit chuffed !

What I want to share with you is just how much work goes into preparing content for a podcast of this calibre. Discussions began literally months in advance, after meeting at EYF 2018. Andrea sent detailed instructions , developed no doubt after both good and bad previous experiences, as to how we should film our segments. We almost didn't get off the first level when I failed to source a video camera of suitable quality. All my family have switched to smartphones it seems ! Several visits to our fields of sheep ensued. Footage was garnered of me skirting fleeces on a beautiful summer's day. I relied heavily on my husband's tech expertise for all of this. And then a further Skype call with Andrea to discuss the content of my 'to camera' piece. She is a perfectionist, borne I think of her training as a classical singer. We discussed content , lighting , camera angles, sound recording and more.

Once I pressed that 'send' button on all my filming, I could relax. But for Andrea, the work had just begun as she began to edit pictures and sound and source relevant photographs to illuminate the segment for viewers.

I take my hat off to her and Andrew. I have watched the Fruity Knitting podacst from the start. At the beginning, the whole knitting podcast 'thing' seemed odd to me, I couldn't 'place' it in the media I was used to until then. Now , seeing each episode drop into my Inbox is a treat to be savoured . The show is genuinely geared to the serious knitter. Now I understand the work involved, I have felt compelled to become a Patron. So, if you are an avid fan of the Fruity Knitting, or any other podcast, I suggest you might consider doing the same thing. You'd miss it if it weren't there, wouldn't you?

Pauline McPherson7 Comments