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EYF 2019

Well, our experience of EYF 2019 Make:Wool was significantly less stressful than our first appearance the previous year. For one, we didn’t have to dig our car out of the snow on the morning of the event ! Spring has been early and kind this year and the Instagram feeds of many of the visitors to this year’s show are full of romantic daffodil pics.

Our business is a year older too. This means we have been able to build up our stock. We brought twice as much yarn to EYF this year and had good quantities in all of our lines. More customers were able to buy sweater quantities, which makes them and us very happy. Despite the higher stock levels though, we still sold out of our new Eildon woollen spun line - no mean feat given the woolly mountain we built of it on the stand.

We have a better understanding of the colour tastes of our customers too. There will always be neutral base colours in our offering, but we will continue to bring you some wow factor colourways to lift the spirits. There will be new colours to look out for this Autumn.

Thank you to every one of our customers both at EYF and out their in cyberspace. Do please let us know what you would like to see from us in future - are we correct about your colour preferences? Would you like to see more kits from us ? Handspun? Why not give us your thoughts by commenting on this post?

For now, it’s over to the lambs !