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Decisions, decisions...

Lifelong Yarns is two years old this month. We have loved every minute of creating and selling our Blackface Yarns to woolly folk. Our business is very lucky. Having two renowned (albeit slightly different sized !) yarn Festivals on our doorstep – Edinburgh Yarn Festival and St. Abb’s Wool Festival – has been a fantastic platform and support to us and we are grateful to both sets of organisers. Those events and our online sales have allowed Lifelong Yarns to grow. But as we all know, there will be no EYF next year. We fully support Jo and Mica’s decision. They so deserve a break. And creative people need space to generate new ideas. But this poses a bit of a challenge to our business and our cash flows! Can we survive? We have been thinking hard about this for the last few months. The thing is , we are committed to our mission to generate demand for the Blackface wool clip. And we are addicted to our craft. So giving up is not an option . So, our business needs to develop. Look out for us at more Yarn Festivals around the country next year. We will be designing patterns to showcase our yarns. Soon, we will offer hand-dyed yarns (something you have asked us for), but keeping it local, they will be dyed with plants from the garden at Lifelong HQ. There will be new yarn lines and new wool -related products. We will be very, very busy...So, thank you for all your support over our first two years and here’s to the future...

To kick things off there will be a shop update this Thursday 19th Sep at 5pm. Some of your old favourite yarns are back in stock and we have a beautiful new colourway to reveal.

Pauline McPhersonComment