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Lifelong Yarns have all the qualities we love in wool – warm, breathable, light, water-repellent, odour-repellent and insulating.
In addition, our Blackface fleece and our spinning methods lend a particular character across our blends.

  • consistency (through the skein)

  • stability (holding shape and loft)

  • ‘sheepy’ – ness

  • round structure (creating good stitch definition)


3 of our blends - Linton, Yarrow and Eildon - are soft enough to be worn next to the skin. Bowden and Soutra are more robust yarns perfect for those garments
which will take the most wear (although our handspun Bowden is next-to-skin soft too!)

Spinning method

Our Lifelong Light DK is a 3-ply yarn, our Lifelong Aran is a 4-ply (remember, this describes the number of plies, not the weight of the yarn). Both are semi-worsted spun. Our 4ply yarns are in two ranges - Yarrow is a 2 ply semi-worsted spun yarn. Eildon is a 2 ply woolen spun yarn. Our Lifelong Handspun is a 2 ply Light DK spun here at Lifelong HQ.


All of our fleece and fibre is sourced in the UK. The Blackface which makes up at least 50% of every skein is sourced
from the Baddinsgill flock in the Borders, while the other wool blends are sourced from UK flocks.


Currently we stock 5 blends

Bowden - 100% Scottish Blackface

Soutra - 66% Scottish Blackface, 33% Shetland

Yarrow -50% Scottish Blackface, 50% Blue-Faced Leicester

Eildon -50% Scottish Blackface, 50% Blue-Faced Leicester( woolen spun) 

Linton -50% Scottish Blackface, 25% Southdown, 25% Shetland